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Is It OK to Use a Refillable RELX Pod? Here's How to Keep Your Device Pristine

December 07, 2022

One of the best things about using a RELX device is the disposable pods, which is why the brand doesn’t offer a refillable RELX pod. After all, when it’s out of juice, you only need to pull it out and insert a fresh one. So you won’t find an authentic RELX refillable pod anywhere because it doesn’t exist.  

However, if you’re tempted to buy a refillable pod with a RELX label, stop and ponder for a few minutes. Is it worth the money? To help you decide, let’s figure out the cons of using a fake refillable RELX Pod. 

Issues from Using Refillable RELX Pod 

A man in a black sweatshirt holding a RELX Infinity Plus.

An authentic RELX Pod is designed to be disposable, which means you need to discharge it from the device after it runs out of juice. If you’ve been wondering how to refill RELX Pod, here’s the answer: no need to refill it.  

First, the RELX device is a closed-system pod. To refill it, you must forcefully pry open the device. It’s too much effort, especially knowing you can swap the old pod for a new one. Besides, it will potentially damage your device and cost you more money. 

Second, a refillable RELX Pod is not equipped with the latest RELX technology. Your pod will be more prone to leakage. In conclusion, stick to the original RELX Pod for the most convenient vaping experience. 

Refillable Pods Have a Hidden “Cost” 

While some may think that a refillable RELX pod will be more economical in the long run, this might not be true. 

You’ll need to be able to install replacement coils, as the one in the pod inevitably wears out. This might not be easy to do as each brand requires different types of coils. There’s no guarantee that the stock will always be readily available. You might also find rebuildable coils, but these are tricky to build and wick, even for expert vapers.  

Next, remember that not all e-juice, even if it uses nicotine salt, will work well with a certain vape. You’ll have to do quite a bit of trial-and-error until you find the one. The flavor is another big aspect to consider, too. 

Overall, you may encounter issues such as a draw that is too tight or too loose, inconsistent vaporizing, too little vapor, power consistency trouble, short circuits, and more. 

Disposables are More Convenient 

On the other hand, if you use RELX Pods, you won’t find many drawbacks. After all, these are made with simplicity and ease of use in mind. 

When the pods are empty, dispose of them properly and pop a new one in. You don’t need to worry about carrying a bottle of e-juice or a fresh coil. All you need is a new RELX pod, which comes in a box small enough to fit even in a shirt pocket. 

Plus, if you need to replenish your supply of RELX pods, authentic items are available from many authorized sellers in both online and physical stores. You can also find a wide variety of flavors. 

To sum it all up, an authentic RELX pod is engineered to give you the best experience from your device. From its design to its coil and even the e-juice it contains, you’ll get the Super Smooth performance you’re looking for. Trying out a refillable RELX Pod proves to be more of a hassle than a neat trick. Make the right choice of using an authentic RELX pod for your device. Check out to locate stores or shop online.

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