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How to Use a Vape and Have the Best Quality Puffs

July 19, 2021

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Yes! Let's learn how to use and get the best from your vape devices. 

Bagong buhay-out with the old and in with the new! So, you’ve decided to switch to an e-cigarette for a change, and for that, we commend you! 

Naturally, with any new experience and journey ahead, a lot of things may be unexpected or unanticipated. As exciting as it is for things to catch you by surprise, coming into the journey well-prepared and informed makes a big difference. Essentially, knowing how to operate, troubleshoot and get the best out of your vape will ensure smooth sailing on your vape journey.  

So, what better way to embark on your new e-cigarette adventure than by learning how to use a vape and get the best quality puffs out of it. Let’s deconstruct it! 

Familiarize Yourself with the Parts of Vape 

A vape device is typically made up of many parts, each with its own respective functions and all of them working together to deliver the vapor we then inhale. Today, especially with closed-pod systems, there are less complicated parts inside a device, and instead, the focus has shifted towards the quality of those few essential parts needed. So, what are they? 

Firstly, the pod. This is where the atomizer and e-liquids are both housed. Also, pods are usually designed to fit the mouthpiece. Hence, a good pod design matters to how smooth the vape experience will be. RELX Pods are designed with an ergonomic mouthpiece and leak-resistant maze, which gives comfortable and secure vaping. 

Secondly, the atomizer. An atomizer is responsible for heating the e-liquid to produce vapor. There are many types of atomizers made from other heat-conducting materials today. Cotton and ceramic are commonly used because cotton has great flavor absorption, and ceramic has good control over even heat distribution. This combination then delivers a smooth, full-bodied flavored vapor.  

Thirdly, the e-liquids. They are made up of a few ingredients such as Propylene Glycol (PG), Glycerol, Flavorings and Nicotine. All of these work hand in hand to deliver the vapor we inhale. Last but not least, the vaporizer, which is the main body of the device that houses the battery, charging points, air flows, power button (if any) and where we grip to hold the device.  

Go Ahead and Vape 

So, now that you are familiar with all the parts of your device, time to get it activated and operating. It’s a simple act of bringing the device’s mouthpiece to your lips and inhaling it. Most devices activate when you inhale. However, some require you to press a button. Take it slow and vape at your own pace. 

Another good tip is to also be familiar with anything related to your device’s battery, such as the battery capacity, care and charging guides. Always remember to charge your devices when they are low on power. Most devices have indicators such as LED lights or vibrate when the battery is low. 

Charge It Any Time, Anywhere

Hand holding RELX wireless charging case


Store your devices clean and fully charged in a wireless charging case. 

Generally, a lot of devices today start at 300mAh to 400mAh. The higher the mAh (milliamp hour), the longer a device may run before needing a charge. Higher mAh will also ensure better firing and heating of vapor. Depending on the frequency of the device being used, and a person’s daily vape consumption, battery life differs. An average vaper with a 350mAh device will most likely need to charge their devices every 2 days at least. If you’ve switched to e-cigarettes to aid your journey,  having good battery life is important for the experience. Running out of power mid-day and nowhere near a charging port can be a pain! 

Brands today also design useful charging-related accessories to go with their vape devices, such as cable lanyards, mini power banks, charging docks and cases. RELX Infinity Wireless Charging Case in 1500mAh is celebrated for its sleek and slim design, extra battery life with as much as three days of power, and the fact that the dual-pin charging makes it seamlessly easy to charge, wire-free. 

A pro-tip on charging: if you’re getting extra charging cables from third-party brands, ensure they are verified. The best policy is to always use the charging cable supplied with your box set. Another is to also think of where you’ll leave or store your devices. Cold temperatures may affect battery life as it will require more time and effort to charge.  

Caring for Your Vape 101 

Knowing how to take good care of your vape will increase the life of the product. Simple tips such as cleaning the inside of your vaporizer, protecting the body, and even how best to care for your pods all add up to a better vaping journey for you and your device, para swabe! 

When cleaning your device, avoid using wet tissues or towels to avoid damaging any electronics or affecting e-liquids in the pods. A slightly moist cloth is fine, and try to use a microfibre cloth that easily catches dust when you wipe. To clean the magnet inside where the pod attaches, use a cotton bud to lightly swirl and pick up any excess dust that might have got in. 

Avoid body scratches or dents by always remembering to store them in a safe, dry and clean environment. When at home, keep it in a safe area away from clumsy hands or pets. When out and about, avoid putting it in pockets or bags with keys or anything sharp. Why not invest in a small pouch or case to protect the body from any scratches or damages. 

When caring for pods, ensure that they are kept in a dry area, away from sunlight and hot temperatures. Wet conditions may affect the ingredients in the pods, compromising taste and smoothness. Sunlight and hot temperatures may affect the ingredients in the pods and cause them to oxidize faster. Avoid leaving your devices in the car, especially when parked in the hot sun. 

A pro-tip is to look at your vape brand’s warranty, and maintenance offers as part of their aftersales service. Choosing a brand that provides good and responsive service goes a long way in maintaining the longevity of your device. 

Now, Let’s Talk About The Puffs 

Two hands holding white RELX Essential device
Powered by Super Smooth TM Technology, RELX devices ensure quality puffs  


Getting the best quality puffs possible depends on a number of factors. It boils down to certain practices you adopt, caring for your pods and what pods you are using. The pods, e-liquids and battery life all play an important role in delivering smooth puffs. However, the first tip to experiencing this is to remind oneself to always stay hydrated. Avoid the dry mouth feeling or any harsh hits to the throat by staying hydrated while vaping.  

Next, when we’re talking about pods, remember how to care for them and store them, as mentioned above. Also, regarding pods, remember to purchase authentic brand pods if you’re using closed-pod systems. Fake pods or pod-hacks may damage devices, on top of voiding your aftersales warranty and being a hazard to safe use. The best policy is to always purchase directly from brands or authorized retailers for peace of mind. 

RELX Infinity and RELX Essential are just two of the best devices out there, especially for those who have recently switched to e-cigarettes. Getting the best quality of puffs from RELX comes effortlessly as the parts, from the pen to the pod, are designed to work together to produce optimum vapor delivery, allowing vapers to fully enjoy the journey. 

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