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How to Clean Your Vape Device

July 10, 2020


How to Clean a Vape Device: What You Should Know First
Vape Pen Maintenance Tips

Have you just received your first vape device in the mail? You're likely marveling at its sleek build and advanced performance. 

During the first couple of months of owning it, you may notice it accumulates dirt and grime. Its performance and flavor output may become sub-par.

Some owners don't bother cleaning their vape pens, whether because it's a hassle or they simply don't know how. Instead, they'll run their devices into the ground and buy a new one.

This passive approach ends up costing you money - money that you could spend on vape cartridges or other meaningful items instead of wasting it on a replacement you don't need.

If you want to get maximal usage out of your vape pen device, you need to clean it.

Luckily, the cleaning process isn't overly complicated. We've outlined how to clean a vape pen in this article to make your device last for the long term.

For a closed system vape pen like RELX, you can refer to this video about how to clean your vape pen:

How to Clean a Vape Device: What You Should Know First

Before we go over the step-by-step instructions on how to clean a vape pen, you should know a couple of things:

The Components of a Vape Pen

A vape pen has a few critical components. Knowing these will help prepare you for cleaning and handling the device properly:

  • The tank: The tank holds the e-liquid and is refillable. It usually combines with the atomizer to make up a singular unit.
  • The coil: The coil is the heating element that transforms the e-liquid into vapor.
  • The battery: The battery is the vape pen's power source. It provides power to the coil so that the latter can reach up to 400°F within seconds.

How Often You Should Clean Your Vape Pen

Any time that you notice that your vape pen isn't offering superior performance, you should give it a deep clean. The recreational vaper can get away with cleaning the device every month or so. If you vape every day, you will likely need to clean your device as often as once per week. 

If you fall somewhere in the middle, here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Rinse out and dry your vape tank every time you change flavors: This way, your new flavor won't mix with your old flavor. Even if you have a favorite go-to flavor, it's still a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning your tank every time you add a new e-liquid (only apply for open pod system vape product). 
  • Give your vape pen a visual inspection every week: Make sure there's no visible dirt or grime that could inhibit your device's performance. 
  • Deep-clean your vape pen every couple of weeks or so: You should set aside time to clean your vape pen every two to three weeks. Use the tips we have outlined below to learn how to clean a vape pen device.

How to Clean Your Vape Pen Tank

Novice and veteran users alike want to achieve maximum flavor from their vape pen devices. To get the best flavor possible, you should clean your vape tank every time you add a new e-liquid flavor. As much as you love your signature Cotton Candy flavor, it won't taste good if its residue mixes with a new Coffee flavor you want to try.

To prevent this undesired clash of flavors, we highly recommend cleaning your vape tank. 

Rinsing out your tank with warm water will usually suffice. Sometimes, you will be better off performing a deeper clean with alcohol.

We have outlined both methods for cleaning your vape tank below:

The Easy Rinse

  1. Fill a large bowl with warm water.
  2. Detach the tank from the rest of the device.
  3. Dump out any remaining e-liquid that's in the tank.
  4. Finish disassembling your tank completely.
  5. Place all of your tank's components into the bowl of water.
  6. Wash each tank component individually until they are all clean. If your tank is filthy, try using a couple of drops of mild dish soap.
  7. Once you have completed washing all of the parts, dry each one with a paper towel. 
  8. Let all of the parts air dry for 10-15 minutes.
  9. Reassemble your tank and your vape pen once each component is completely dry.

The Deep Clean Rinse with Alcohol

  1. Just like with the Easy Rinse process, start by detaching the tank from the rest of the device and dispose of any remaining e-liquid.
  2. Completely disassemble the rest of your tank.
  3. Obtain some high-quality, non-flavored vodka, and alcohol-based hand sanitiser to clean your tank. This solution will work as an excellent solvent for breaking down e-liquid deposits that have accumulated in your tank. 
  4. Dampen a paper towel or dishcloth with the vodka and scrub any dirty areas.
  5. Wipe clean and rinse with warm water to finish.
  6. Allow all of your tank's components to stand and air dry for 10-15 minutes.
  7. Reassemble the tank and device only when all of the parts are completely dry.

How to Clean a Vape Coil

Vape coils are crucial components of vape pen devices. Without them, your device wouldn't heat up, vaporize your e-liquid, and provide you with a flavorful experience.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to clean your vape coil. If you wet it with water or alcohol, it will burn out.

So, no matter how diligent your vape pen maintenance routine is, you'll eventually need to get a new coil. It's just a part of owning a vape pen device.

Naturally, the more often you vape, the more often you will need to purchase a new vape coil. 

While we can't offer any advice on how to clean a vape coil, we can provide you with some signs that you need a new one: 

  • The coil is visually dark, damaged, or crusted.
  • Your vape pen device produces a burnt or charred taste even after you clean the tank.
  • Your atomizer is leaking.
  • The device has reduced vapor production.

Changing a vape coil is usually a simple process. Generally, it looks something like this:

  1. Remove the tank from your device.
  2. Dispose of any leftover e-liquid.
  3. Twist your current coil to the left to unscrew it from the tank.
  4. Put the new coil into place and turn it to the right to secure it.
  5. Reattach your tank to the rest of your device. 

Keep in mind that there are a lot of different coil types available on the market. You may have to follow a slightly different process for changing your coil, so follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure you do it correctly.

Vape Pen Maintenance Tips

Cleaning your vape device and replacing the coil are not always enough to help you get the most use possible from your device. 

To help you maintain your device's longevity, here are some general maintenance tips to keep in mind:

Maintain the Ideal Level of E-Liquid

As you're using your vape pen in a social setting, you may become distracted and forget to check the level of your e-liquid. You mustn't allow your tank to run dry while you're using it. You risk burning out your coil if you use your pen with no liquid in the tank. 

On the other hand, you should also avoid filling up your tank with too much e-liquid. Overfilling your tank can result in excessive wear and tear. You could damage parts that you should not expose to any kind of liquid.

To maintain the ideal level of e-liquid in your particular device, find out the optimal filling level recommended by the manufacturer. Your manufacturer should provide both minimum and maximum levels so that you don't let your tank run dry or overfill it. 

Store Your Vape Juice in the Right Environment

Do not leave your e-liquid in direct sunlight. Avoid exposing it to scorching temperatures. Excess heat will cause your e-liquid to become thinner.

E-liquid that is not the right consistency will result in issues with leaks or the poor performance of your vape pen device. 

Store Your Vape Pen Properly

When you aren't using it, find somewhere safe to store it. Pick a designated spot so that you always know where it is. Make sure pets and children can't accidentally get to it.

Here are some general tips for storing your vape pen:

  • Store upright
  • Keep away from moisture
  • Keep battery base clean
  • Avoid leaving it in hot cars
  • Avoid cold temperatures, which can negatively affect the battery life

Consider investing in a storage case to keep your device safe and ready-to-use whenever you need it.

Final Thoughts

Even if you're a vaping veteran, you may not have a maintenance routine for your vape pen device. Novices and experienced users alike can benefit from the tips we have outlined here on how to clean a vape pen. 

This kind of device is not something you should have to purchase month after month. With the right care, this product should last you for a year or even longer.

When you adopt a strict cleaning and maintenance regime, your vape pen device should always perform at its best. Cleaning lets you save money and maximize the flavor of your vape pen.

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