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How to Change Cotton on Vape Tank - Comprehensive Guide

October 22, 2023

Maintaining a high-quality vaping experience is directly tied to the condition of the cotton in your vape tank. A clean and properly installed cotton wick ensures optimal vapor production, richer flavors, and an overall smoother experience.

Over time, however, this cotton becomes saturated with e-liquid residues, which can lead to a subpar vaping session characterized by diminished flavors or even a burnt taste. Knowing how to change cotton on vape tank correctly can significantly extend the life of your vaping device while enhancing your enjoyment of it.


This comprehensive guide is designed to provide you with a detailed, step-by-step process to replace your vape tank's cotton, empowering you to get the best performance from your electronic cigarette.


When Should You Replace Your Vape Core?


Recognizing when to replace the vape core or coil, is essential for a satisfying and safe vaping experience. Several key indicators signal that it's time for a coil replacement:


  1. Apersistent burnt or unpleasant taste during vaping is a telltale sign that the coil is no longer functioning as it should. This unpleasant taste arises when the coil becomes worn out or clogged with residue, causing it to heat unevenly and produce undesirable flavors.


  1. Anoticeable decrease in vapor production compared to your usual experience is a clear indication of coil trouble. When the coil is compromised due to residue buildup or natural deterioration, it may fail to heat properly, resulting in reduced vapor output.


  1. If you hear excessive gurgling sounds or encounter e-liquid leakage from the tank, these issues may point to a damaged or worn-out coil. A malfunctioning coil can disrupt vaporization and airflow control, leading to unwanted side effects like gurgling and leaks.


  1. Experiencing frequent dry hits, where you inhale a burnt taste despite properly priming the coil, is a definite sign that the coil is no longer performing effectively. This can be particularly unpleasant and is a strong indicator that a coil replacement is overdue.


  1. Inspecting the coil visually can also provide valuable information. If you notice significant discoloration or darkening of the coil wire, this is a clear sign that the coil has reached the end of its usable lifespan and should be replaced.


  1. Areduction in the quality of flavor from your e-liquid is another noticeable symptom of a deteriorating coil. As the coil loses its effectiveness, it struggles to deliver the full flavor profile of your e-liquid, resulting in a less enjoyable vaping experience.


Understanding when and "how to change cotton on vape tank" and coil ensures you get the best out of your vaping experience. It's akin to changing the oil in a car; regular maintenance ensures longevity and peak performance. In essence, being attentive to your device's performance and signs of wear will guide you on when it's time to replace your vape core, ensuring every vape session is as enjoyable as the first.


How to Replace the Cotton Wool in Electronic Cigarettes?

Replacing the cotton wool in your electronic cigarette can drastically improve the quality of your vaping experience. Old cotton can become saturated with previous flavors or burnt, resulting in an unpleasant taste. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through this process efficiently:


Remove all old cotton:

Start by disassembling your electronic cigarette. This usually involves unscrewing the tank from the mod and then taking apart the tank. Once you've accessed the coil, gently pull out the old cotton using a pair of tweezers or your fingers. Be careful not to damage the coil in the process.


Remove residue:

After removing the old cotton, some leftover e-liquid residue will likely occur. To ensure that you get the purest flavor from your new cotton, it's crucial to clean this off. Dip a Q-tip in some isopropyl alcohol and gently clean around the coil, removing any remaining e-liquid or burnt remnants. Allow the coil to dry completely before proceeding.


Insert cotton wool into the coil:

Now, take a strip of fresh cotton wool, ensuring it's of a suitable size for your coil. Twist one end of the cotton into a point, making it easier to thread through the coil. Gently pull the cotton through the coil until it sits snugly. Ensure the cotton isn’t too tight or loose; it should touch all parts of the coil but not deform it. Once in place, trim any excess cotton from the ends, leaving just enough to tuck into the juice wells.


Add smoke oil (vape juice):

Before you reassemble your device and start vaping, it's crucial to prime the new cotton. This ensures it’s saturated and prevents dry hits or burning of the cotton. Drip your preferred e-liquid directly onto the cotton, ensuring it's fully saturated. Allow it to sit for a few minutes so the e-liquid is absorbed. Once done, reassemble your electronic cigarette.


By following these steps, you'll ensure that your electronic cigarette delivers a clean, flavorful vapor every time you use it. Remember always to practice safety and only use materials designed for vaping.


So How Do We Know If Our E-cig Is Installed Correctly?


Ensuring that your e-cigarette is correctly assembled after maintenance or cleaning is crucial not only for an optimal vaping experience but also for your safety. Here’s how to determine if everything is in its right place:


  • Visual Inspection:

Before firing up your e-cig, perform a thorough visual inspection. Check if:

The coil sits evenly and is aligned with the center.

The cotton wool isn't protruding out of the coil area and is tucked neatly into the juice wells.

There's no e-liquid spillage around the tank or mod.


  • Dry Pull:

Before activating the device, take a pull without firing it. This is called a "dry pull." You should experience a regular, slightly resistant airflow. If it's too hard to pull, you might have packed the cotton too densely or misaligned some parts.


  • Check For Leaks:

A well-assembled e-cig shouldn't leak. After filling it with e-liquid and before firing, let it sit for a few minutes. Check for any signs of e-liquid escaping from the tank, especially around the base and airflow holes.


  • Listen For Odd Noises:

When you activate the device, pay attention to any unusual sounds. Popping now and then is normal, but constant crackling or hissing might indicate a problem, such as too much e-liquid on the coil or the coil not sitting right.


  • Taste Your Vapor:

The most evident sign of a well-assembled e-cig is the flavor of the vapor. If everything's correctly installed, the vapor should taste clean and true to the e-liquid's flavor profile. Any burnt or off taste indicates an issue, like the coil not being primed enough or the cotton being burnt.


  • Check Device Readings:

If you use a mod with a display, it should read the coil’s resistance correctly. A significant deviation from the coil's stated resistance might indicate a problem like a short circuit or a loose connection.


Signs of Issues:

Be wary of:

A very hot mod or tank, which might indicate a short or a battery problem.

Consistent misfires or the device not firing at all.

  • liquid seeping into the battery compartment.


Ensuring your e-cigarette is correctly assembled will prolong its life, give you a better vaping experience, and, most importantly, keep you safe. Always consult the device's manual and familiarize yourself with its components and how they fit together. If in doubt, it might be helpful to visit a local vape shop for expert advice and a visual inspection.




Understanding "how to change cotton on vape tank" is essential for anyone who enjoys vaping. Proper maintenance, including regular cotton replacement, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the longevity of your device and the purity of the flavors you experience.


By learning how to change the cotton and ensuring the correct assembly of your e-cigarette, you not only guarantee an optimal vaping experience but also ensure safety and durability. For those contemplating a new device or an upgrade, the RELX Infinity Plus Device stands out with its premium design and performance, meriting consideration among vaping enthusiasts. As an added incentive, if you add 1 Infinity Plus Device and 1 RELX Pod to your cart now and use the provided discount code at checkout, you can enjoy a special 30% OFF, letting you avail of these quality products at a big discount.


In summary, regular maintenance, and proper assembly can significantly elevate your vaping journey. Always stay informed, and happy vaping!

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