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Get Your Vape Device’s Puff Back With These 5 Simple Steps

February 08, 2022

Vaping comes with a multitude of choices, from the type of vape system to the brand of the vape and even the juice that you use. 

Things can get even more complicated if you go with an open system because, while you can micro-adjust variables to your liking (with different coil materials, gauges, constructions, and more), there’s also much more that could go wrong and also much more knowledge you need. 

This is a consideration that you won’t need to make with the relative simplicity of a closed system. In fact, most new switchers who successfully have quit smoking and started a no smoke journey prefer the more user-friendly Closed system, such as RELX.  

Still, when things work as they should, you’ll get that thick cloud of vapor and the flavor you’re expecting. However, vaping is like a relationship, in that you won’t always have things exactly the way you want. 

There may be times when you end up with just a few wispy puffs, or perhaps none at all. Quite a let-down, certainly a disappointment, and sometimes even a cause for alarm. 

That said, solving this problem is actually pretty easy. Here are some steps that you can follow.

Top up those e-juice levels

Possibly the most common cause behind a vape which delivers little to no vapor is the simplest one: you’ve run out of e-juice in your tank or pod. Also called a dry hit, this can ruin your coils if done frequently. 

There is a quick fix — add more juice. Quick but perhaps not that easy, because you’ll need to have your juice bottle with you so you can do a refill. This can be a messy affair, with drips and sticky fingers inevitable. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to do this on the go. 

If you’re using a closed-pod system like RELX, things are much easier. Replace your empty pod with a fresh one, and you’ll get the proper vape experience you were expecting in a flash.

Replace your coils regularly

An important part of any vape device, coils typically consist of a wire and a wick. They are housed within an open-pod system's cartridge.  

Coils work by heating up the e-juice in the tank and turning it into vapor that is inhaled. 

To ensure proper performance, users should replace their device’s coil every two weeks — weekly if they are heavy vapers. Forget to do that, and poor performance is the least that you should expect. 

You’re also likely to experience things like burnt-tasting vapor and unpleasant smells, both things that you really wouldn’t want to put yourself through.

Keep vapes from flooding

A group of friends use their devices in an indoor setting.

Proper maintenance is key if you want to get the best vapor from your vapes.

Yes, empty vape devices are bad news, but so are overfilled (also called flooded) ones. 

Flooding is another common reason for a vape to not produce much vapor. It is usually caused by things like improperly filled tanks, old coils, and low power levels. 

Avoiding flooding can be done by refilling your tank properly and resisting the urge to go past the indicator line. You should also replace coils regularly, as these lose their ability to absorb e-liquids or e-juices with use. 

Finally, always check your device’s power levels. Setting the wattage too low can lead to e-juice pooling in the coil instead of vaporizing. This also increases the chances of drips and leakage, which could harm your vape (not to mention your pocket or bag) in the long run.

Attach your vape components securely

Many people are attracted to the as-you-like-it aspect of open-pod systems, since these can be customized in different ways. Rebuildable coils, varying resistances, and even different coil materials are among the many options, and your vaping experience can dramatically change depending on the tweaks you’ve done. 

However, this also means that there’s a lot that can go wrong, especially if you’re new to the world of customization. These problems include loose-fitting components and misaligned coils, which can result in reduced vapor production and other issues. 

Because of this, you should always double-check any modifications made to your device, in order to ensure ideal performance and prevent future problems.

Only use the proper mod components

Man uses his laptop inside a coffee shop.

Before making any modifications to your device, make sure that everything is compatible.

Aside from checking the craftsmanship of the modifications, you should also make sure that components you plan to add to your existing system are compatible with each other. 

By using compatible components, not only will you experience maximum vapor production, you’ll also help prevent any problems with your device. 

For people who find tinkering with their devices to be more of a chore than a joy, closed-pod systems like RELX Infinity and Essential can be a great help. 

Unlike other devices, RELX’s Infinity and Essential lines are intuitive and equipped with cutting-edge technology like dual charging capabilities, a patented Leak-Resistant Maze system, and a Smart Pace Vibration Alert, making them two of the most advanced vape pens on the market today.

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