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Vaping 101: Get the most flavor from your e-juice by following these steps!

January 28, 2022

One of the things that really draws people to vaping is the wide range of e-juice flavors available in the market. There’s something for pretty much everyone’s taste, no matter if your preference is fruit, pastry, dessert, tobacco or others (black gulaman, anyone?). 

However, there are times when this promise of delicious flavor is broken. The taste could be muted or even significantly changed, disappointing you and making your vape experience quite unsatisfying. 

This is commonly caused by imperfections in the device or in the juice. If it happens, you should know that getting the full e-juice flavor is quite easy, if you know what to do. 

Here are some tips to help you experience the smoothest full flavor from your e-juice.

Adjust your device wattage and temperature settings

Most, if not all, open-pod systems allow users to change their wattage or temperature. While these features allow you to customize your vaping experience, they are also a necessity due to the varied characteristics of the many e-juices available. 

That’s because flavor compounds in e-juices get vaporized at different temperatures, and so the ‘right’ setting depends on what compounds a specific e-juice contains. 

For instance, some e-juices on the market release their best flavors when heated at 35 watts, while others taste best when you set your vape to 50 watts. 

Because of this, you’ll have to check your device’s capabilities and experiment with different temperatures for every e-juice that you try so you can find the flavor ‘sweet spot’ for maximum enjoyment. Unfortunately, trial-and-error is the only way to get this done. 

Closed-pod system like RELX make this unnecessary by removing the various combinations of e-juice and temperature. Once you slide a pod in, you can be assured that the settings are already optimal.

Use the proper coils and tanks for your device

Man smiles as he checks his phone.

Check online resources to see which components best fit your existing device. 

Many websites and blogs advise mod users to switch out their coils and tanks to ensure maximum flavor delivery. 

Before making any modifications, however, you have to make sure that your new coils and tanks match your device. This doesn’t help you get better flavor and improved vapor production, it also prevents problems such as underperformance and poor battery life. 

Incompatible parts may even cause serious issues, such as short circuits, that could effectively turn your vape into a paperweight.  

This means you’ll have to do some research on compatibility before you buy the new components. You’ll also have to consider the aesthetics, because having an atomizer that horribly clashes with the look of your mod is an annoyance at best, and at worst could keep you from using your device much. 

If you’re the sort of person who finds all these steps to be tedious, you can consider a closed-pod system. With RELX, for example, compatibility, performance and aesthetics are assured by just buying a new original pod. 

Choose the right materials for your wicks and coils

Nowadays, wicks for mods come in two types of materials: cotton and ceramic. 

Cotton wicks are known to extract very clean and pure flavors from e-juices, while ceramic ones are known to last much longer while also giving great flavor. 

Coils, on the other hand, come in a much wider variety, namely Kanthal, nickel, stainless steel, and titanium. 

Kanthal and nickel both perform well, while stainless steel and titanium are known to add a slight metallic taste to the vapor they produce. 

All of these are available in different configurations, including Clapton, twisted and mesh. 

Because of this, you have to test out different materials in your device in order to find the combination that works best for you. 

All these choices can be overwhelming, and some people just want to vape simply. If you’re one of them, a closed-pod system such as RELX might be the better choice for you. The available pods already showcase the ideal mix of materials and configuration, so all you need to do is vape.

Check your e-juice’s formulation and VG-PG ratio

Woman uses her RELX device at an outdoor location.

If you want to get the most flavor when vaping, get e-juices that have a good VG-PG ratio. 

E-juices come in a wide variety of formulations, not just in their flavor compounds, but also in their vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratios.  

Also known as VG, vegetable glycerin is a colorless liquid that is derived from vegetable oils. It has a slight sweetness, but is used in e-juice mostly to thicken the amount of vapor that is produced. 

Meanwhile, propylene glycol or PG is the component of e-juice that carries the flavor and nicotine content, and is responsible for the so-called ‘throat hit’ you get with each puff. 

The exact ratio of these two depends on the specific e-juice, and you’re sure to find many variances across brands and flavors. 

According to experts, e-juice that contains at least 50% PG will have stronger flavors, compared to those with lower concentrations. This includes RELX Pods, which have an approximate VG-PG ratio of 50:50.

Get a device that offers a Super Smooth experience from the get-go

Constantly fiddling with your device can lead to problems — especially when you’re still relatively new to the vaping world.  

One way to get around this is by getting closed-pod devices like RELX Infinity and Essential. 

Equipped with cutting-edge features like dual charging capabilities, a patented Leak-Resistant Maze system, and a Smart Pace Vibration Alert,  RELX’s Infinity and Essential lines are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with the devices only needing a charge and a fresh Pod to deliver a Super Smooth experience.

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