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Is A Clogged Vape Pod Restricting Your Pulls? Here Are 5 Ways To Fix It

November 24, 2021

Picture this: you’re out with your barkada and,  in the middle of a chat, you find yourself wanting to take a pull from your vape. However, just when you’re about to take a hit, you realize your device isn’t producing any vapor. Hassle, ‘di ba?

Restricted pulls are usually the result of clogged pods which, in turn, are usually caused by problems like e-liquid seepage.

As annoying as it might be, the good thing is that clogged vape pods are quite easy to fix — if you know where to look, that is.

Here are some tips on how to solve a clogged vape pod.

Why am I not getting the most from my pulls?

There are many different reasons why vape pods get clogged. These range from condensation build-up, seepage of e-liquids in the vaporizer, screwing in cartridges too tight, inhaling too vigorously, or letting the device sit unused for a long period of time. 

Sometimes, however, clogs happen because the device isn’t stored under proper conditions, i.e. they are left to stew in places like bathrooms, or in a car’s glove compartment.

My vape and vape pods are clogged. Now what?

While clogged vapes and vape pods can get very annoying and dyahe, fixing them is a relatively simple affair.

Here are some things you can do to unclog your device, depending on the severity of the case:

For minor clogs 

  • The dry-hit method - To solve condensation build-up and excess liquid in the device, pull hard through the mouthpiece without turning the device on. Doing this can quickly dislodge any clogs in your device. 
  • The pin-prick method - If you find your device clogged, simply use a toothpick or safety pin to unclog the hole.
  • The hair dryer method - With the dryer on the lowest setting, blow some warm air on your device. This will warm up the device and allow the trapped liquid to flow more freely. Once the device has been sufficiently warmed up, put it in an upright position in order to let the liquid flow back into its proper spot.

For major clogs 

  • The “flick” method - If your device is still clogged, you may want to quickly flick your device from side to side. Doing this will help dislodge any excess liquid in your device and allow it to operate smoothly again.
  • The “blow” method - As its name suggests, this method entails blowing through the device’s cartridge in order to remove any liquid from the wick and coil. When attempting this method, be careful not to take pulls, as doing so could saturate the wick even more and worsen the existing problem.

Users should note, however, that these fixes are only appropriate for open pod systems, or those that allow users to customise their devices. 

If you use devices with a closed pod system like the ones from RELX’s Essential and Infinity lines, then you don’t need to worry,  since these devices are not likely to clog.

How can I prevent clogged vape pods?

Luckily for vape users, preventing clogs from happening is extremely easy. All you need to do is follow basic guidelines:

  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Temperature extremes can affect the viscosity of e-liquids, which can cause them to clog parts of the device. 
  • Avoid sudden shifts in elevation. Sudden shifts in elevation or altitude can cause the pressure in your device to change. This can result in leaks, clogs, and similar problems. Keep this in mind when bringing your vapes on mountain hikes, plane rides, and the like. 
  • Sufficiently charge your devices. Insufficiently charged devices don’t get to power up as efficiently as fully-charged ones. This can prevent them from atomizing e-liquids, which can then lead to clogs and leaks.  
  • Keep devices in their proper cases. Properly storing your devices not only helps keep them in pristine condition, it also helps prevent clogs and leaks from happening.

What devices and pods should I get?

Vape devices come in two forms: open pod systems and closed pod systems. 

Open pod systems are devices that consist of a pod mod and a refillable cartridge. These devices are popular among enthusiasts who want to customize their devices since they are compatible with most third-party alterations. Because of this, however, they are more prone to leaks and clogs, which can spoil the vaping experience for users.

Closed pod systems, on the other hand, are pretty straightforward in that they consist mainly of a battery and a pod cartridge that already contains e-liquids. This makes them incredibly practical and almost foolproof — perfect even for those who have just made the switch.

If you are planning to get a device that isn’t needlessly complicated, try getting devices from RELX’s Infinity and Essential lines.

Equipped with cutting-edge features like a Leak-Resistant Maze system, a Smart Pace Vibration Alert, and dual-charging capabilities, the award-winning RELX Infinity and Essential are guaranteed to give users a Super Smooth experience unlike any other.

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