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How to Find the Best Vape for Sale

June 23, 2022

Finding a vape for sale in the Philippines isn’t as hard as it used to be. Now, it can be as simple as visiting your friendly neighborhood vape shop, or going online to find a trusted vape seller. 

But if you haven’t made the switch to vape yet, you might not be sure just how you can get a vape for a good price. 

How can you be sure that the mod you’re buying isn’t more expensive in one place than in another? And how can you tell if you’re buying a good quality and authentic product? 

We have the answers to these questions and more. Just keep reading to find out.

The dark interior of a vape shop, with products displayed in a cabinet.

Going to a vape shop is the classic way to buy a vape mod. 

Visit a Vape Shop

There are a lot of advantages to looking for a good vape for sale in a physical store. You’ll be able to have your questions answered right away, and you can even get recommendations based on first-hand experience. 

Most vape shops offer a comprehensive spread of products, so you’re likely to find at least some regulated mods, batteries and chargers, vape juice, cotton and wires. These days, pod vapes are also part of the standard products that a typical vape shop will carry. 

However, you’ll be limited to the brands that the store carries, as well as to whatever is currently in stock. If you feel like you aren’t satisfied with the price or selection of what’s available, there’s nothing wrong with shopping around at other places.

Paper cartons and a credit card lie on a laptop.

Online vape shopping is now very popular for its convenience.

Check Online

In recent years, online shops for various items have appeared like mushrooms after a heavy rain, and these include those that have vapes for sale. 

One advantage of such stores is that their prices are sometimes lower than in physical vape shops. That’s because their operating costs are lower, since they don’t usually have to pay rent. 

Such places often also offer deals that are only available online. For example, the RELX Club has bundles and other deals that you can’t get anywhere else. You might also be able to score limited edition items or new releases that haven’t yet hit the physical stores. 

For your peace of mind, you can even verify the authenticity of the product that you’ve bought, found on the box of the device or pod. All you need to do is enter the 14-digit code here for you to know for sure.

Silver and blue RELX vapes lie on colored textured material.

You don’t need a pricey mod to have a good vape experience.

Should you get the Most Expensive Vape?

If you asked that question a few years ago, the answer would have been a resounding “yes.” Back then, the higher you went in price, the better the quality of the mod. 

Now, things have changed. With more companies making vapes, costs have gone down, allowing them to offer good quality and reliable products that don’t cost an arm and a leg. 

You can still definitely spend more than P15,000 on a vape, but such units justify their prices by using expensive materials like stabilized wood, and limited-edition colorways. Performance-wise, these aren’t significantly better than their more-affordable counterparts. 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive vape for sale that still delivers top-level performance, take a look at the RELX Infinity and Essential lines. These are well-made and well-designed closed system pod vapes which are great for vape newbies and people who are about to make the switch to vaping. 

RELX products are even chosen by experienced vapes as the pocket-friendly companion to their less-portable regulated mods. No leaks, no mess, just a Super Smooth experience.

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