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What’s the Best Vape for You? 5 Things Experts Recommend You Look For Before Switching!

July 19, 2021


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The best vape device for you is the one that suits your lifestyle and your budget

We live in a modern world where the latest technology provides convenience, efficiency and accessibility to everyone. These advances in the e-cigarette space are no surprise. Newer vape models today are equipped with tech features that optimize the design and vaper experience and present a less harmful lifestyle choice. 

There are two main factors that make any device the best vape for you. One is by looking at the must-haves or should-haves in vape devices today. What are some of the popular tech features found in many brands, and how have they improved vaping experience in general? 

The second factor is to look at your own needs and wants, figuring out how vaping will assimilate into your daily life. How do you foresee switching to e-cigarettes? What are your end goals and simple things to note, like when will you mostly vape or even where? As technology expands, understanding the above will make it easier to identify the vape or vape tools you need. 

The System: Open or Closed? What’s the difference? 

If you don’t already know by now, the two main vape systems are open-refillable and closed-pod systems. The first one allows you to refill different e-liquids of choice into a pod, whereas the other operates with a pre-filled pod. Open systems are made to be more flexible with the ability to choose and change the e-liquids you prefer, and, in some pods, you can even change preferred atomizers. However, they require more maintenance, care and knowledge on how to best operate it in the long run.  

Hence, close-pod systems are increasingly popular today for their easy, hassle-free and straightforward use. Whether you’re living the fast-paced life out there or you are (like everybody else today) just stuck at home, closed-pod systems are mostly accessible to everyone. They also tend to be more compact, making them easy to carry, more comfortable to grip and more discreet. 

When choosing which system is better for you, consider the commitment, time and space you have to vape. Suppose you are willing to spend some time learning how to look after your device and eventually build up a cleaning tool kit or station to easily maintain it from time to time. In that case, you can perhaps enjoy exploring open-systems. If you doubt you would have the luxury of time and prefer something more fitting to your situation, closed-pod systems are the way to go. In addition, a closed-pod system today also provides an array of pre-filled pods to choose from, so you will not miss out on the flavor varieties. 

The Puff Smoothness: How to Judge Puff Quality? 

The next thing to look out for when choosing a perfect vape is how smooth the pods are with every puff. Many things that contribute to puff quality, such as the e-liquid ratio and device technology. A good balance in e-liquid ingredients and flavoring is ideal for achieving a rich and smooth puff while vaping. Whereas good device technology and pod design will help eliminate any pain points that may arise, including things like harsh hits at the back of your throat or any back spits of e-liquid leaking into your mouth. Leading vape brands have invested in research and technology to resolve these issues, ensuring smooth puffs in every pod 

Another important thing to factor in is to look at a pod’s puff output. How many puffs per pod can you experience? Commonly, brands provide about 300 – 500 puffs per pod capacity of 1.5-2ml. The bigger the capacity, the greater the puffs. However, puffs are also dependent on how frequently the vaper vapes and how well pods are being cared for.  

The Durability: Does it Withstand Earth, Wind, Fire and Ice? 

All those conditions? Obviously, no. Yet, a good device is built with hardy materials, long-lasting against daily wear and tear and does not easily dent or damage. Damage can be caused in our pockets and purses, especially when we’re out and about. To top it off, we are usually carrying many other sharp, metallic objects like keys, cards and coins. Hence, when choosing the best vape, find out what your device is made from. Aluminum alloys are some of the favored lines today for their lightweight design and hardy durability. Other than that, some brands also add layers to the device to make it even more shockproof or dustproof. 

Now that we have covered the outer part of the device, let’s look inside the pod and understand atomizer materials. Look for one that has good temperature control and does not easily burn pod flavors. Ceramic or ceramic-cotton atomizers are typically preferred for stable heat conduction. At the end of the day, durability and a good build inside and out ensure a worry-free experience with your device and contribute to its longevity, making it a worthwhile investment. 

The Battery: Ultimate Power Supply 

Another thing to look at when choosing the best vape for you is the device’s power. Specifically, we look at the built-in battery capacity provided. Battery capacity can make or break the effectiveness of a device. Insufficient power may interfere with how some parts of the vape will deliver. The higher the mAh, the longer a device can run. This contributes to the convenience of not always needing to charge, especially when out and about. On top of that, good battery capacity will help produce steadier heat and vapor delivery. This will ensure that a consistently smooth vaping experience is met. 

Aside from what is built into the device, brands today provide excellent charging accessories to complement their products, such as an easy-to-carry power supply. One that is popular is the wireless charging case, which provides longer battery life and eliminates the hassle of tangled wires and finding power outlets when a charge is needed. The RELX Infinity device and its Infinity Wireless Charging Case is even built to work together using a pogo pin and dual charging mechanism. It is as simple as sliding the device into the case, and the magnets click in to charge seamlessly. Bonus points for the slim and sleek design that goes with it. It also fits seamlessly into any pocket or bag. 

Technology: Features Available Today 

In today’s vape sphere, it is almost impossible not to include the array of technological features when we’re talking about the best vapes out there. The rapidly advanced technology within the vaping industry is impressive, from the breakthroughs in better battery, atomizers and systems to the optimized designs, additional functions and user interactivity features. 

As all devices today are advanced, we look at the combination of tech features that provide safe and solid use for the long run. For example, RELX technology includes their in-house Super Smooth TM Performance that equips their devices with smooth vape delivery and designs their products with vapers in mind. All RELX Pod mouthpieces are ergonomically designed to comfortably fit your lips despite being built with a Leak-Resistant Maze. It comprises 11 layers of a complex structural maze that ensures leakproof and secure vaping. 

Their Red Dot award-winning device, the RELX Infinity, is even made with an additional charging mechanism, Dual Charging System and the Smartpace Vibration Alert, an intuitive feature to inform the vaper of their vaping pace. 

RELX Essential and RELX Infinity with black background

Compact, durable and advanced -RELX devices offer the best close-pod system vapes out there. 

At the end of the day, each and every pod system is unique to each and every vaper. We’ve covered some of the key features and functions vape experts consider important when choosing the best vape device. Ultimately, it will also boil down to the budget you have to spend on a vape device and whether what is offered meets your own needs and expectations. Undoubtedly, devices with many functions and tech features will cost more, but most devices are still reasonably priced. 

The RELX Infinity and RELX Essential, for example, are both closed-pod systems that are worth the money with all the technology that they provide. Infinity starts at PHP1250 and includes all the criteria mentioned above, such as the smoothness in puffs, durable material, long-lasting battery and state-of-the-art technology. On the other hand, Essential starts at PHP950 and comes with the same smoothness in puffs but with a slight difference in battery capacity, material and technology. The latter device is highly recommended for first-time switchers for having the best value features available. 

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