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Asian Countries That Sell, Buy, and Use Electronic Cigarettes

August 08, 2022

More people have switched to electronic cigarettes. The trend continues with innovative products, new devices, and stores opening up. Countries across Asia have their own regulations when it comes to e-cigarettes.  

For vapers planning their next weekend getaway, it’s important to know which countries have tight vaping regulations. This is to ensure your comfort during the stay and avoid unnecessary problems. Let’s see the Asian countries with moderately high electronic cigarette users. 


A vape store with e-juice display

You can easily find vape stores in China that sell e-cigarettes and e-juices.

At the top of the list is China, where electronic cigarettes are massively produced and very popular. Despite making vapes since 2004, the country became a significant manufacturer by 2015, producing 80% of the world’s e-cigarettes with a 33% increase in sales alone that year. 

As e-cigarette awareness increased, the number of individuals who used them grew. A 2022 study found that among adults across 14 countries, China and Russia had the most numbers of users of electronic cigarettes.    


Vape pens or e-hookahs are commonly sold in Indonesia, especially in the big cities. There are several brands to choose from and a wide variety of vape juice flavors to satisfy your curiosity. As long as you’re in a designated area for smoking, you can freely puff your e-cigarette. 

Since 2018, the country has required vape juices to have excise taxed bands printed on the packaging. The regulation prevents illegal and compromised liquids from being sold. After all, 3% of Indonesians (6.2 million adults) use e-cigarettes.  

The Philippines

An array of RELX Essential on a blue background

RELX Philippines offers high-quality electronic cigarettes with sleek designs.

Over one million Filipinos have switched to vaping. Specialty vape shops like RELX Philippines have opened in recent years as more Filipinos are embracing the devices. Due to its popularity, the Vaporized Nicotine and Non-Nicotine Products Regulation Act (previously known as the Vape Bill 2022) has lapsed into law. It ensures the safety and consistency of all vaporized nicotine and non-nicotine products, along with novel tobacco products. The law also sets the minimum age for purchasing, selling, and using electronic cigarettes to 18 years old to prevent underage vaping. 

Joey Dulay, the president of the Philippine E-cigarette Industry Association (PECIA), hopes other nations will soon pass their versions of the Vape Bill for proper regulation.  

If you’re over 21 years old, you can vape in specified public places and workplaces, including bars and restaurants. Be sure to ask around before you take the hit.  


Despite Malaysia’s rocky relationship with electronic cigarettes, Malaysians are no strangers to the device. Findings from the 2020 ITC Malaysia Survey show that 33.7% of Malaysian adults reported ever using e-cigarettes in the data pool, with 11.4% using the device at least once a month.

Advocates of the smoking cessation treatment tool, such as the Vape Consumer Association of Malaysia (VCAM), are currently requesting the Ministry of Health to have more discussions regarding the policy for the vape industry and urging them to follow suit in regulating vape products like other countries. They want vapes not to be sold to minors, accessible with necessary controls, and available online.

Have you decided on which country you want to visit? Remember to follow all travel guidelines, especially if you bring your electronic cigarettes. Don’t overfill your vape with e-juice to prevent it from leaking all over your bag or pocket.

This problem will never happen again if you switch to RELX Infinity, closed-pod electronic cigarettes with the leak-resistant maze. It has 11 structural layers to help prevent internal leaks and condensation, so rest assured your vaping experience will be super smooth. Take RELX Infinity Charging Case along with you to have a worry-free vacation. 



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