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Your E-Cigarette Stopped Working? Keep Calm And Follow These Steps.

November 24, 2021

There’s nothing more stressful than going to take a pull from your trusty vape pen and finding that it isn’t working. As with most devices, this can be caused by a variety of reasons, which means you might have to check your device’s many components, such as its battery, cartridges, and atomizers.

Luckily, some of the problems that plague e-cigarettes and vape pens are actually easy to fix. Just like the ones below:

My vape isn’t producing any vapor. What is wrong with my device?

A woman takes out some cleaning wipes from a container.

Wet wipes can help keep your RELX devices clean and free from grime.

One of the main problems that vape users can encounter are devices that refuse to produce vapor — even if they are fully charged. This problem is usually caused by a number of factors, such as damaged coils and atomizers, which, in turn, are usually caused by e-liquids leaking into the device. 

To prevent e-liquids from leaking, users should always store their devices in an upright position, in addition to properly maintaining them via regular cleaning and the like. 

To spare yourself from the constant sakit ng ulo caused by cleaning and maintaining vapes, you can opt to buy devices from RELX’s Infinity and Essential lines. 

These top-of-the-line devices come equipped with a Leak-Resistant Maze system that can keep their internals safe from leaks, clogs, and other problems.

My vape tastes burnt. What’s wrong with my device?

If the vapor your device produces has a distinct burnt taste, take your device apart and then take a peek at its coils: if their wicks are blackened from use, take them out and put replacements in.

If the burnt taste lingers even after you’ve replaced the wicks, you might be vaping at too fast a pace. If this is the case, make the effort to slow down and take 30-second breaks between each puff in order to minimize this problem.

My vape device only produces minimal vapor. What should I do?

Minimal vapors are often caused by e-liquids that don’t have enough vegetable glycerin (VG) in their formulation. To address this, simply replace it with a product that is more VG concentrated.

You might also want to check your device’s wattage. If it’s too weak, then it might not be vaporizing the e-liquid as efficiently, thereby resulting in minimal vapors. To solve this, simply increase your device’s power, in order to make the most of your e-liquid or juice.

Another issue that could be causing this problem is a faulty atomizer pin. To check, start by disassembling your device, and then examine the pin at the center of your atomizer connector to see if it’s been pushed down. If this is the case, simply use a small tool to gently pull it back into position.

It’s hard to take pulls with my device. What should I do?

If you find it hard to take hits or pulls with your device, it might be because your device’s coils and wicks are too saturated with e-liquid.

To solve this, disassemble your device and clean the threading using a tissue. Then, clean the tank using warm water, making sure to dry it right after. Next, blow into the device’s air holes to check if they are working well. Then, using a tissue, clean the area where the coil comes into contact with the mod. 

If the device’s coils are blackened, replace them with a new one, making sure to prime the new set well.

If you are tired of doing endless maintenance and kalikot on your vape devices, maybe it’s time you tried RELX Infinity and Essential for a Super Smooth experience. 

Boasting an award-winning design, forward-thinking features such as a Leak-Resistant Maze system, a Smart Pace Vibration Alert, and dual-charging capabilities, both RELX Infinity and Essential are miles ahead of the competition — and all at a price point that’s incredibly accessible. 

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