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5 Most Common Vape Troubleshooting Questions and How to Solve Them

November 24, 2021

As with most modern devices, vape pens can sometimes be a source of frustration, especially when device related problems come up, or they don’t function just when we need them to. Dyahe, right?

The good news, though, is that troubleshooting some of these vape-related problems is easy, and that most issues are easily resolved simply by taking a few minutes to understand good vaping practices. 

Here are some of the most common questions vape users ask when troubleshooting their devices:

My device isn’t working. What should I do?

Two RELX devices sit on a layer of colored glass sheets.

Sometimes, all it takes to fix a ‘malfunctioning’ vape is to press its power button.

A device that doesn’t produce vapor is one of the most common problems that vape users encounter. While admittedly an alarming one — who wants a malfunctioning vape anyway? — this problem is quite easy to troubleshoot: just press the power button.

Believe it or not, many vape users panic when they encounter this problem, not realizing that  they just forgot to turn on their device. Other times, it’s simply the result of an empty battery, or an empty pod. In this case, your device’s issue can be solved simply by plugging your vape pen into its dedicated charger, or by attaching a fresh pod.

Sometimes, however, the problem is a bit more complicated, such as a weak connection between the atomizer and device, or a flooded atomizer, among others. 

In these scenarios, chill ka lang and just let the experts have a go at it, since you might dislodge important components and cause more damage.

My vape is producing sounds. What gives?

Vape devices, whether they’re pens or vape mods, tend to produce sounds when in use, the most common of which are crackles, pops, and gurgles.

While it might seem alarming, crackling sounds are actually normal — that’s just the sound that e-liquids make when they’re heated. 

This is especially true in high-powered vape mods and similar devices, with the loudness of the crackling directly proportional to the wattage and resistance of the device’s atomizer. 

Put simply: don’t worry when you hear a bit of crackling. As long as the vapor doesn't taste burnt, you're pretty much safe. 

Commonly experienced by vape mod users, popping sounds can indicate two things: a flooded or overly-saturated coil, or a sugary, low-quality e-liquid.

To fix this, you can try turning down your vape mod’s wattage, ensuring that your e-liquids aren’t leaking, or swapping out your current e-liquid for one that’s of a higher quality. 

Do note that if you are using a closed system vape pen like RELX Infinity and Essential, the popping sounds won't be an issue as they have metallic seals, maze-like traps and silicone layers  to ensure a leak-resistant design.

I can’t seem to get pulls out of my device. How do I solve this?

A man’s hand holds a needle.

Clogged vapes can be fixed with the help of fine needles.

One of the most common problems that users encounter are vapes that don’t produce, well, any vapor.

This problem is usually caused by clogged cartridges. Some of the signs that a cartridge is clogged include burning smells, minimal vapor, and a foul taste.

As frustrating as this might be, the good thing is that clogged devices are actually easy to fix: simply warm up the cartridge first with a hair dryer on its lowest setting or by double-bagging your device and then soaking it in warm water. After that, you can just use a fine needle to loosen whatever is clogging your device or pod. 

The key, however, is preventing those clogs from happening in the first place.

To keep your device from clogging, make it a habit to take smaller hits, clean the mouthpiece, and store it in an upright position.

As with leaks, closed system devices like RELX’s Infinity and Essential lines aren’t susceptible to clogging, given their award-winning leak-resistant design. Galing, ‘di ba?

My battery isn’t charging. What should I do?

If your battery isn’t charging, check to make sure you’re not using the wrong charger for your vape. This is more common than you’d think, given the amount of wires and cords we have lying around our houses.

If your battery still isn’t charging, you might want to check if the battery terminals are dirty with dust and e-liquid gunk, both of which can cause connection problems. If this is the case, simply clean it with a cotton bud dipped in a little bit of isopropyl alcohol.

If your battery doesn’t seem to hold its charge for long, you might be guilty of some of the biggest vaping sins that a user can do: fully draining your device’s batteries, overcharging your device, and leaving it on for long periods of time.

While it might seem like a good idea, charging a fully drained battery can actually put a strain on your device and significantly diminish its lifespan.

The same can be said for overcharging your battery, as well as leaving it on for long stretches of time.

To protect your battery from damage, try to charge your device only up to 85%, and make sure you  turn it off when it’s not in use. Doing this can help prolong your battery’s lifespan, and ensure that you’ll have more hours to enjoy your device.

Also, if you’re using a device that allows you to remove its batteries, try to remove them from time to time, and store them in a dry and cool space when not in use.

Why doesn’t my device detect its atomizer or pod?

If you are using an open pod device, check your coil as well as your terminals to see if they are loose or dirty. These two issues can cause a weak connection, which can explain why the vape isn’t detecting the atomizer.

On the other hand, your device’s tank might be too tight, and might need to be loosened up.

If you are using a closed pod system, you might just need to pop in a fresh pod to get things started again.

A selection of RELX devices lie arranged on several sheets of cut denim.

RELX devices are some of the best vapes you can buy on the market today.

If you want devices that are foolproof, you might want to give closed pod systems like the ones from RELX’s Infinity and Essential lines a try.

Unlike other devices, RELX’s Infinity and Essential are equipped with cutting-edge features like dual charging capabilities, a patented Leak-Resistant Maze system, and a Smart Pace Vibration Alert, all of which give users the most bang for their buck. Sulit doesn’t even begin to cover it, if we’re honest...

RELX Pods are also of note. Not only do they offer a Super Smooth experience to users, they’re also available in a wide variety of flavors, which means that — no matter your  taste or lifestyle, there is a RELX pod for everyone.

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