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Awaken Your Social Life! The Benefits of Making the Switch to Vape

October 06, 2021

A person holding a RELX vape device vertically using their index finger.

Millennials are switching to vape after discovering its many benefits 

Vaping has become an emerging trend among people of all ages. A growing number of millennials are hurrying to make the switch to vape for FOMO (fear of missing out). Likewise, a fair amount of people who are part of millennials have also opted to switch after learning about the many benefits of vaping. For starters, they will no longer smell like an ashtray and may even increase their chances of getting a date.  

Here’s several significant social advantages of making a switch to the #WorldSuperSmoothVape!

A man and woman sitting under a canopy while enjoying tea and pastries together, and holding a RELX vape device in their hands.

Vaping can improve your self-esteem and make you appear more dateable.

You Won’t Smell Like an Ashtray

If you constantly worry about being presentable when meeting your friends, or in the presence of your clients and colleagues, stop! Vaping can help you to feel less self-conscious in these situations. Specifically, this is because the vapor emitted doesn’t have a foul stench that lingers on your clothes or skin. In addition, you can also take comfort in knowing that vape devices won’t cause a smoky environment. Because of this, friends, clients and colleagues will feel more comfortable being around you. Vaping will also make certain that you don’t leave ash or burn marks on your clothes, car fabric or home furniture.  

On that note, it’s time to bid adieu and paalam to the portable spray-on perfume bottle you carry around and say hello to the RELX Infinity! This nifty device can fit snugly in your pocket or backpack and is extremely easy to use. Moreover, the RELX Infinity comes with a sleekly designed Slim Fit Charging Case, which can charge the device twice based on recommended regular usage and offers up to two days of battery life. It also features a Dual Charging System that allows for wireless charging with a built-in pogo pin, as well as a symmetrical USB-C port.

58% of People Don’t Want to Date Smokers, and That’s a Fact!

According to research, a staggering 58% of people have been found to be against the idea of dating a smoker. However, before you start believing that you’ll be lonely this Christmas, rest assured that vaping can improve your image and make you more dateable. 

In fact, successfully making the #SwitchToSmooth can also help you avoid awkward moments during a date, especially when you need to excuse yourself to light up. Aesthetically, RELX devices can boost your ‘wow’ factor on dates, as they’re also choice fashion accessories for any outfit. A couple of unique, stand-out benefits of e-cigarettes like the RELX Essential and Infinity devices are the Ergonomic Mouthpiece Design and Symmetrical Pods. Both features work in tandem to enhance the Super Smooth vape experience by cutting air leakage and enhancing the comfort experience with every inhale. Talk about a win-win!

A group of friends huddled together under a canopy talking and listening to music.

Vaping is cost-effective and enables you to make everlasting memories with your loved ones.

You Will Save Pesos in the Long Run

Switching to vape can also help you to save pesos, thus opening you up to other, more adventurous possibilities. For instance, the money you save can be used for activities like travelling to holiday destinations or enjoying some good food with friends.  

One of the best ways to get more bang for your buck is to choose RELX. Take the RELX Infinity device, for example. It’s fitted with a Leak-Resistant Maze, which consists of 11 structural layers that provide a longer, more secure vaping experience. It also has a Smart Pace Vibration Alert, which is particularly beneficial for moderating your vape frequency by vibrating when you take 15 puffs in 15 minutes. 

In the Philippines, RELX Infinity — 2020 Red Dot Design Award winner — and RELX Essential are priced affordably at 1,250 Pesos and 800 Pesos, respectively. Alternatively, RELX vape pods are designed with an open system, which does away with the refilling process each time you run out of juice. It also offers up to 500 puffs per pod, which makes for a controlled yet thoroughly enjoyable vape experience. 

Currently, there’s a selection of fragrant flavors available to help you make an easy switch to vape. These include RELX Dark Sparkle, RELX Fresh Red, RELX Garden’s Heart, RELX Menthol Xtra, RELX Sunny Sparkle, and RELX Tangy Purple. Now, considering all the benefits of vaping, are you ready to make a #SwitchToSmooth and awaken your social life?

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