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A Step-by-Step Guide | How to Make Circle in Vape

October 23, 2023

Learning how to make a circle in vape, commonly known as "blowing smoke rings" or "vape tricks," has captivated many, from traditional smokers to contemporary vape aficionados. This art isn't solely about the eye-catching visuals; it also embodies the finesse and technique behind each ring. Whether you're venturing into vaping or have been at it for years, mastering this craft is both enjoyable and demanding. This guide will walk you through the fundamentals, advance into sophisticated methods, delve into common reasons why many find it challenging, and ensure you're adeptly prepared to dazzle with your vape circles by the conclusion.

The Easy Way to Blow Smoke Rings


Blowing smoke rings is a classic trick that never fails to impress. Whether you're using traditional tobacco products or modern vaping devices, the fundamental technique remains largely the same. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you blow smoke rings effortlessly:


  1. Choose the Right Vape Juice:

While traditional smokers can blow rings with almost any smoke, vapers should choose a vape juice with a higher VG (vegetable glycerin) content. This will produce a thicker, denser vapor that's easier to mold into rings.


  1. Proper Inhaling Technique:

Begin by taking a deep inhale but don't swallow the smoke or vapor. Instead, let it settle in your mouth. This allows the smoke or vapor to cool slightly, making it denser and better for rings.


  1. Shape Your Lips:

Form your mouth into an 'O' shape. You can practice this by saying the word 'boot' and holding onto the 'oo' sound. The tighter the 'O', the smaller your rings will be. For larger rings, you'd want a more relaxed 'O'.


  1. Position Your Tongue:

Place your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, slightly curled towards the back. Your tongue will play a pivotal role in the ring-blowing process, acting as a launchpad for your rings.


  1. The Throat Technique:

Instead of exhaling the smoke or vapor, you'll be tapping it out in small bursts. This is done by doing a mini-cough or a throat pulse. Imagine the same action you'd use when lightly clearing your throat.


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice:

Like any other skill, practice is crucial. You might not get it on your first try, or even your tenth, but with time and persistence, you'll master the technique.


Advanced Tips for Blowing Smoke Rings

Once you've got the basics down, it's time to elevate your skills. Advanced vape tricks not only captivate the audience but also showcase the prowess of the performer. Here are a couple of advanced techniques that can make your smoke rings truly stand out:


Rotating Smoke Ring


The rotating smoke ring is all about adding flair to your rings. Here's how to achieve it:


  1. Master the Basic Ring: Before adding any spins, ensure you're consistently producing solid smoke rings.


  1. Positioning: As you prepare to blow a ring, slightly tilt your head to the side you wish to spin the ring towards.


  1. Flick with the Tongue: As you release the ring, give a slight flick with the side of your tongue in the direction you want it to rotate. This should be a gentle, swift motion.


  1. Adjust and Practice: It might take some time to perfect the rotation. Play with the angle of your head and the intensity of the tongue flick until you find the sweet spot.


Increase the Speed of the Smoke Ring


For those wanting to send their rings zooming forward, this technique is a must:


  1. Stronger Throat Push: A sharper, more pronounced throat pulse or mini-cough will propel the ring forward with greater force.


  1. Tighten the 'O': A tighter 'O' shape with your lips can increase the speed of the ring, as it creates a smaller opening for the vapor, increasing its velocity.


  1. Use Your Hand: Place your hand next to your mouth, fingers together, and as you release the smoke ring, swiftly move your hand forward, parallel to the direction of the ring. This action creates a slight gust that can speed up the ring's trajectory.


  1. Exhale Before Blowing: Before releasing the ring, gently exhale (without letting the smoke/vapor out) to decrease the amount of air behind the ring, allowing it to travel faster.


As always, mastering advanced techniques will require time and repetition. But the results, when achieved, are nothing short of mesmerizing.


These tips should provide enthusiasts with a deeper understanding and techniques to perfect their smoke ring tricks.


Common Reasons Why People Can’t Blow Them


Understanding the common reasons behind why some individuals struggle with this skill is crucial for improvement:


  1. Poor Form



  1. Poor Technique


While adding spin is not restricted, it can greatly improve the performance. This is because imparting spin helps maintain the stability of smoke rings for a significantly longer duration. If you merely blow vapor rings without any spin, the ring will disperse rapidly, often failing to form at all. However, with dedicated practice and guidance, individuals can gradually refine their technique, ultimately leading to successful smoke ring production.

  1. Not Enough Vapor

Another common hindrance is not having enough vapor to work with. Insufficient vapor density can result in weak, indistinct rings that dissipate quickly. To overcome the challenge of insufficient vapor while striving to perfect your smoke rings, consider upgrading to a vaping device that not only delivers exceptional vapor production but also boasts top-notch design and quality.

The RELX Artisan Metallic Series stands out as an excellent choice for vapers who want to take their vape ring artistry to the next level. This premium device is renowned for its ability to produce dense, flavorful clouds of vapor, providing an abundance of material to craft well-defined and stable smoke rings.


  1. Unsuitable Surroundings

The surroundings in which you attempt to blow smoke rings also play a pivotal role. Excessive air movement, such as strong drafts or wind, can disrupt the stability and trajectory of smoke rings. Ideally, choose a relatively calm and enclosed environment to practice your vape ring artistry. This setting will minimize external interference and increase your chances of achieving impressive results.


Recognizing these common obstacles and taking steps to overcome them, such as refining technique, optimizing vapor production, and selecting suitable surroundings, can significantly enhance your ability to blow captivating smoke rings. With perseverance and patience, you can elevate your vape ring skills to an impressive level and leave others in awe of your vaping prowess.



Mastering the art of blowing smoke rings in the vaping world can be an enjoyable and impressive skill. But how to make circle in vape? We've covered the basics of creating these mesmerizing rings and listed the advanced tips for enhancing your performance. Furthermore, it is important to master these techniques and overcome obstacles, so as to optimize your vaping experience and impress others with your smoke ring prowess. Remember, practice and patience are key to perfecting this art.

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