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5 Budget-Friendly Gifts To Give Smokers

February 08, 2022

Finding the right gifts for men isn’t easy, even if you know the ones you’re giving them to like the back of your hand. So, what should a Generous Gus do? 

The easiest way is to take a cue from their recent experiences. Giving something that reminds, helps or replaces is a good way to say ‘Hey, I care enough to stay updated with what’s going on with you.’ 

A plus point with gifts like these is that they don’t have to be expensive, since they’re relevant and meaningful. So, if you know someone who’s recently made the switch to vaping or is considering doing that, here are 5 options that won’t make your wallet cry.

A Vape Pen

A display booth filled with vape pens

A good vape pen is cost-effective, sturdy, and feels and looks premium.

Vape pens are great budget-friendly gifts which can support a decision to switch from smoking. It can be a suitable solution for the oral fixation, and the vapor produced is an adequate substitute for cigarette smoke (without the smell and ash, of course). 

If you’re considering giving one of these, take a look at the RELX Essential line. Any of these would be a gift that keeps on giving, because they’re quite cost-effective even in the long run, and have a premium build that will last longer than his last relationship. This is the gift of a Super Smooth experience, and one that won’t easily be forgotten. 

Any RELX device is easy to use even for people who’ve just made the switch. While none of them are expensive, you can add more value (and receive more appreciation) by giving a starter kit, which has everything needed to start vaping, from the official Philippine website or on the RELX-approved stores on Lazada, Shopee.  

If your friend or relative is picky with his flavors, there’s no need to be concerned. With such a wide range of options (like Ludou Ice, Sunset Paradise, Dark Sparkle and Iced Latte), there’s something for everyone.

An audio-book subscription

A pair of headphones hangs on a book

An audiobook subscription can help your friend maintain his focus.

Audiobooks are a high-tech version of an old-school classic, much like vapes are to cigarettes. If you’d like to help your friend get current with what the world has to offer these days, this might be the right thing to give. 

Another plus: audiobooks don’t take up much space at all, especially compared to their analog counterparts, and they also don’t come with the funky library smell that you sometimes get with an actual book. The same advantages come with vapes (much more compact and no smoke smell), too.  

Subscription services for audiobooks offers are widespread, so your friend or relative can choose from his preferred genres and enjoy binge-listening whenever they feel like it. We don’t recommend anything by Stephen King late at night, but perhaps your recipient is braver than us.

A Vape Charging Case

RELX vapes and charging cases lie on a table

A vape charging case is the gift of pocket-friendly power on demand. (Credit: instagram/relx.unlimited) 

Vape pen? Good choice for someone switching from cigarettes. Make sure that your friend or relative keeps that good choice powered up the whole day and avoids the hassle of bringing the cord and a charger around by giving him a vape charging case. 

Now, not every vape pen has a compatible portable and wireless case. But those that do are designed to integrate precisely with it to keep your vape’s battery topped up, so you never have to worry about losing power mid-puff. 

Take the RELX Infinity Charging Case, for example. Available in two battery capacities (1500 mAh and 1000 mAh), each with its unique look, it is meant for use with the RELX Infinity line. Whichever model you choose to give, you can be assured that your gift is sleek yet durable, and very pocket-friendly too. 

If your friend is still on the fence about switching from smoking, this could be the present that makes him take that leap. After all, getting a shiny new gadget is always exciting, and he’s very likely to want the vape pen that matches it.

A healthy-eating cookbook

An open cookbook lies on a kitchen counter

Support your friend’s switch by giving easy ways to have a healthy diet.

People who’ve made the switch to vape are often advised to match that decision with a change to a healthier diet. If your recipient is onboard with this idea, then a healthy-eating cookbook would make a great gift. 

Whether the goal is general health or a specific diet such as Keto or South Beach, there are many cookbooks available which can satisfy that need. These often come in different skill levels, so if your friend or relative is a kitchen newbie, a flame-hardened pro or somewhere in between, you’re sure to find a cookbook to suit him. 

The stove’s fire may be the only open flame that he needs in his life after the switch, so these budget-friendly gifts can help make sure that it’s used for some amazing dishes.

A movie streaming subscription

A hand holds a remote control in front of a TV

Give the gift of entertainment and relaxation with a movie streaming subscription 

Leaving cigarettes behind is a tough decision to make. Give something that’ll help him distract himself so keeping his resolution gets a little bit easier. By this, we mean the gift of entertainment, specifically a movie streaming subscription. 

Action? Comedy? Sports? Documentaries? Most of the popular movies and series and many under-the-radar-but-still-great ones are available, so your friend or relative can relax and unwind with whatever he likes (yes, even rom-coms; we’re not here to judge). 

Ending a stressful day with a good movie onscreen and a vape pen in hand? Count us in, because that sounds like a super smooth gift anyone would love to receive.

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