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Got Vape Charger Issues? 4 Reasons Why Your Charger Isn’t Working.

May 06, 2022

Your vape charger is the important side character in your vape story, because without it, you wouldn’t be able to take even one hit from your device. However, there are times that this side character could use some help from the hero (that’s you!), because there’s something wrong. 

If you need some insight into possible reasons why your vape charger isn’t working, you’ve found the right article. Now, read on. 

Before we start, this is your reminder that vapes with built-in batteries usually let you use the same charger that powers up your other electronics, like your phone or laptop. Larger vapes that have removable batteries (typically 18650 or 21700) require a dedicated charger.

A vape battery lies on a charger behind a vape.

Many issues are caused by the connectors of the charger. 

Reason #1: The connectors are broken or dirty

To power up your device’s battery properly, the vape charger needs to connect properly to your unit. When the connectors aren’t, well, connecting the way they should, charging won’t happen the way it normally would. 

There’s even a chance that your vape won’t be charged at all, since some chargers have a built-in safety feature that keeps them from operating if the connection is unstable or otherwise not normal. 

To know if this is your charger’s issue, take a look at both ends of the cable (for vapes with built-in batteries). If you see any damage to the metal parts, especially on the inside, try using a different cord and see if charging works. That will probably solve your issue. 

You should also check for foreign objects that are getting in the way of the connection. Dust, lint and dried vape juice are the usual suspects in that situation. You can try to gently remove them with a microfiber cloth, and refrain from using tissue or other fibrous material that could end up causing the same problem. 

Since the standalone chargers that most vapes with removable batteries use don’t have cords, just check the metal terminals on both the charger and the battery. The suggestions mentioned earlier apply here also.

A broken charging cable exposes its inner wiring.

Broken or split cables can cause the charger to malfunction.

Reason #2: The cable has issues

The wire inside the cable that connects the charger to your device or to the plug might be damaged from use or abuse, causing intermittent pulses of power to be sent to your device. This could result in your device not charging properly, if at all. 

Irregular power delivery could also cause your vape to not accept power, as a safety mechanism to avoid shorting the battery out. 

Not sure if your cable is the cause? The easiest way to find out is to try charging with a different cable to see if the problem persists. 

If you do find that your cable is damaged, don’t bother trying to fix it. Replacing it is a much easier and simpler solution, as anyone who’s experienced this issue with their phone cable surely knows.

A wall socket shows scorch marks.

Sometimes, the power source is the cause of the issue.

Reason #3: The power source isn’t working

The third possibility is a simple one, but like a lot of basics, it can easily be overlooked. It is that the charger itself is fine, and the power source is the one with an issue. 

There are a lot of potential reasons behind a wall socket that doesn’t provide a steady supply of power. There could be physical damage or blockage, or perhaps there is a cut in the line (which you can’t really see, since it’s behind the wall).  

Trying to rule out this possibility? You can either plug something else into the same socket, or plug your vape charger into a different socket. The same thing applies if your power source is a powerbank. Of course, you don’t need to do this if there’s visible damage. 

If you find out that the power source is at fault, just switch to a different one.

A vape has a cord connected to it.

Reason #4: Other hardware issues 

Being somewhere between a simple and a complex electronic device, a vape charger doesn’t really have a lot that could go wrong, especially if it’s a standalone charger for removable batteries. 

Having said that, one of the common causes of failure is a fuse that has blown. This is a safety mechanism, which keeps excess power from reaching your battery and causing a more serious problem. Charger smells burned? That’s probably a blown fuse. 

What causes blown fuses? For the most part, power spikes and surges are behind this, especially if you’ve plugged the charger straight into a wall socket that’s grounded, or one that gives off too much power. That’s why you should always be sure of where you connect the charger. 

If you’re serious about safety, consider getting an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to keep the flow of power moving smoothly and safely. It’ll be good for use with other electronics like your laptop and TV too, so an AVR might definitely be worth the investment. 

Depending on the manufacturer and configuration, a vape charger with a blown fuse may still be usable. However, you should have the fuse replaced as soon as possible by a professional, unless you have the skill and experience to do it yourself.

A RELX vape lies on top of its wireless charging case.

Pick a reliable and high-quality product to lessen the chances of something going wrong.

Lessen the chances of something going wrong

An easy way to avoid vape charger issues is to pick a unit that is designed to give you great performance without any worries. 

The RELX Infinity line, for example, is made to last and can be charged with practically any recent-model phone charger and USB-C cord. Units even have built-in pogo pins that allow them to be used with RELX wireless chargers, replacing a common source of problems with a convenient solution that provides power on the go. 

This way, you can just vape without having to worry about the power that your device needs. That’s a Super Smooth move that you deserve. 

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