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Poppy Cui

August 29, 2020


Poppy Cui is not only RELX’s PR Manager, but also an extreme sports enthusiast! Come check out her story on this week’s Life@RELX spotlight!

1. How would you explain your job in RELX?

PR is a bridge between our company, customers and the media. I am excited to share what RELX has done and how much we have progressed in the last few years, as well as listen to the media to learn about what topics and subjects they are interested in.

2. What’s your favourite part of being RELXer?

My cute colleagues.

3. What makes you most effective at work?  

I keep my projects very organized, so every day when I come to work, I know exactly what I am going to work on.

4. Why did you join RELX?

I was working for a very big traditional corporation before I joined RELX. I wanted to try a new workstyle and lifestyle. Therefore, I joined RELX, a cutting-edge startup in a very young industry.

5. If you’re a RELX Pod Flavour, what would you be and why?

Pineapple Beer because it is also one of my favorite drinks.

6. What are your hobbies outside RELX?

I’m a huge outdoor sports lover. I have bungee jumped from Torre de Macau, the tallest bungee spot in the world, and I would love to try skydiving too. 

7. Do you design with your hands or your head?

With my hands. You can’t succeed by just thinking.

8. Are you a realist or an idealist?

Half and half. In my day-to-day work and life, I’m a realist but I’m an idealist when it comes to love.


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