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Goin Lee

July 01, 2020

Welcome to Life@RELX! Every week we will feature a RELX’er to learn about their work and personal interests. We hope you will enjoy learning more about the RELX’s global talent. This week we meet Mr. Goin Lee, Security Compliance Head at RELX.

1. How would you explain your job in RELX?

My job includes designing the company’s regulation review system, conducting research and analysis of laws and policies. I am also integral in ensuring the company maintains its integrity and follows all local laws and regulations. The other most important part of my job is my work with the Golden Shield team. The Golden Shield program is our anti-counterfeit task force, and I help take legal action against groups developing illicit products.  


2. What’s your favourite part about being a RELXer?

RELX is a tech startup aiming to provide a better alternative to global smokers. It is an excellent vision to improve smokers’ and vapers’ experiences. I also personally really like that we are reducing secondhand smoke – I really hate secondhand smoke. My second favorite thing about RELX is that I have been given the opportunity to truly realize my career potential here.


3. What makes you most effective at work?

At RELX, every employee is an owner. That means we are given great responsibility to truly own our projects from the beginning to the end. RELX really feels like home. We all think about how to realize our potential and make even greater contributions to the company.


4. What are your hobbies outside RELX?

I like to go traveling with friends. I also greatly enjoy spending my time in nature. I also enjoy cooking, studying national policy, economy, law, and sometimes investing.


5. What keeps you going?

Firstly, I’m honored to have the opportunity to join RELX, I believe we have a truly promising future. The company has risen to become one of the top e-cigarette companies in just two years. Secondly, RELX has a great company culture. From the founder, to management to entry-level employees, everyone has been great to work with. Lastly, the company’s vision is what keeps me motivated and going. We are a company with real vision. The vision of providing a better alternative keeps us all going.


6. What gets you through a long day at work?

Interest and love. It is like if you like someone, you want to be around him or her all day long. I love RELX and being a lawyer. Combining this great company and my great interest for law has been so exciting and fun.


7. Your top tip for everyday workplace?

Legal departments require a great amount of resources to effectively function. People working in our industry need to pay great attention to local and global laws, and making sure we comply with them. E-cigarette companies really need to appreciate the advice from their legal compliance teams in order to succeed.


8. If you were a RELX Pod flavor, what would you be and why?

Tobacco. Due to RELX’s excellent flavor creation methods, the team has been able to truly recreate the taste of tobacco, so adult smokers or vapers like me that enjoy the flavor of tobacco still feel comfortable when vaping instead of smoking.



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