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LIFE@RELX <br>Di Zhang

Di Zhang

September 05, 2020


Di Zhang is the Head of Software and IT and this week’s feature for Life@RELX! Meet the man who is building a program with artificial intelligence to protect minors from vaping!

1. How would you explain your job in RELX?

I’m responsible for building the new retail system, our Guardian Program, the Sunflower System and RELX’s cybersecurity.

2. What’s your favourite part about being RELXer?

Being self-driven and overcoming challenges. The company encourages people to use their skills and knowledge to be creative and overcome challenges.

3. What makes you most effective at work?  

I keep my projects very organized, so every day when I come to work, I know exactly what to work on.

4. Why did you join RELX?

What RELX is doing is a revolution and we have great potential to help society. Also, I was a heavy cigarette user before and RELX gave me an experience I never had before.

5. If you’re a RELX Pod Flavour, what would you be and why?

Menthol. It is very refreshing and wakes you up immediately. I’m a person that seeks quick and efficient solutions to problems.

6. What is the most interesting thing you have learned at RELX?

Using AI technologies to protect minors.

7. Do you design with your hands or your head?

Hands, because you can always change or record the work you're doing.

8. What keeps you going?

I’m motivated everyday by a sense of achievement in solving problems.


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