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Breaking Bad Habits: Alternatives to Cigarette Smoking

November 18, 2019

There’s a lot of reasons to stop smoking cigarettes and find an alternative. Some people want to do so as part of a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Others could feel the financial strain of supporting a smoking habit is too steep. Or they could just be curious about the alternatives. But what are these alternatives and how do they work?

RELX presents you with a brief overview of a few substitutes you can use instead of combustible cigarettes. 

RELX Classic Vape Starter Kit


What is it? Good old-fashioned exercise such as sports and indoor or outdoor recreational activities. 

How does it work? Multiple studies have concluded that short bursts of strenuous physical activity help people reduce their urge to light a cigarette. Cardiovascular exercises and aerobics increase your body temperature, making you sweat, and breathe harder. These effects, combined with increased heart rate, strengthen your cardiovascular system. Exercise also helps people deal with the excess energy burst that occurs from nicotine withdrawal.

Experts recommend that you either exercise for 30 minutes most days of the week or do 10-minute exercises and repeat them three times throughout the day. Another great way to ensure you keep active and moving is to invite family or friends to join you. Get a buddy to spot you at the gym or bring your family for a hike. Their presence will encourage your exercising and help you enjoy the activity.

Nicotine Gum

What is it? Nicotine gum is another method some people use to slowly let go of their smoking habits. Each piece of gum is infused with nicotine and may help counter withdrawal effects. 

How does it work? The gum releases its nicotine contents into your body when you chew it. You’ll know that the gum is releasing the nicotine when you feel a slight tingling sensation in your mouth. After a minute or so, stop chewing and let the gum rest between your gums and cheek. The tingling sensation will disappear after another minute, at which point you should resume chewing. More information is available here.

Under no circumstances should you swallow nicotine gum. 

Electronic Cigarettes

What is it? Electronic cigarettes are devices that simulate cigarette smoking. This activity is also widely known as vaping. 

Although they were primarily designed as a way to replace cigarettes, vaping devices are one of the most popular methods to decrease smoking behavior. If you’re concerned about whether e-cigarettes and vapes contain nicotine, most vape products have the stimulant in varying concentrations. But there are also products with no trace of the chemical. 

How does it work? Cigarettes rely on burning tobacco to introduce nicotine to your system. Electronic cigarettes accomplish the same thing, but with vaporized fluids rather than smoke. 

A standard vape device consists of a power source, a vapor pod, an atomizer, and a mouthpiece. The electronic cigarette works by drawing in fluid from the vape pod into the atomizer. This fluid is usually flavored and contains nicotine concentration of your choice. The power source heats up the atomizer, turning the fluid into a flavorful cloud of nicotine-laced vapor that you inhale through the mouthpiece. 

A basic e-cigarette or vaping starter kit usually comes with a vaping device, a vape pod, and a charger for the vape pen. 

Whether it’s with nicotine gum, a little jogging, or electronic cigarette, the choice to find an alternative to cigarettes could change how you lead your life. 

The RELX Difference

RELX offers vaping starter kits for people who want to change their lifestyles. Our vaping devices and products combine elegant and modern designs with innovative, next-generation technology to provide you with an efficient and stylish replacement for cigarette smoking. 

For more information, contact us today.

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